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Basics of PTSD

Controversies Abound Around PTSD

Women In Combat
Military Medical Culture
and Women

Lessons Learned from Multiple Disasters Since 9/11: Incorporation into Planning and Preparation

Medical and Psychological Issues for Female Service Members

Psychological Reactions to Combat and Terrorism;
13+ Years into the Long War
An American Perspective

PTSD, Depression and Suicide in Military, Veterans and Law Enforcement since 9/11; An American Perspective

The Public Mental System in Washington DC 2015

Women at War: What We Know and Don't Know about Epidemiology and Treatment of PTSD



An internationally recognized expert, Dr. Ritchie's experience brings a unique public health approach to the management of disaster and combat mental health issues. Her assignments and other missions have taken her to Korea, Somalia, Iraq, and Cuba.

She is sought after speaker for her knowledge about the psychological effects of war, women's health issues, disaster psychiatry, sexual assault, PTSD, and crisis intervention and public mental health systems.

She has solid experience with organizing events across the United States since 1995. Recently, she has been involved in the 2010 AMSUS Annual Meeting, Phoenix AZ; the 2011 DOD/VA Annual Suicide Prevention Conference: All the Way Home, Boston; and the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 APA Annual Meetings.

She has been quoted and interviewed extensively, including by USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, The TODAY Show, the Larry King Show, Ladies' Home Journal, Armed Forces Radio and Television, National Public Radio, ABC 20/20, The Diane Rehm Show, CNN's Washington Journal, CSPAN, Time, Newsweek, Cox News, Al Jazeera-America, LA Times and numerous other print, radio and television venues. Blogged for Time's Battleland (battleland.blogs.time.com). Talked for Springer Storyteller.

As a professor, she has given lectures in various behavioral science and psychiatry courses at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, and numerous other venues.

Dr Ritchie is available to speak as an expert on the following subjects:

• Psychological Effects of War
• Women's Health Issues
• Disaster Psychiatry
• Sexual assault
• The Public Mental Health System in Washington DC
• Crisis Intervention Officer Training




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